Monday, 6 February 2012

Evil Bong (2006)

Low-budget stoner flick directed by Charles Band, starring some pretty stoned, but unknown faces and great Tommy Chong on the top! As we might expect there’s heavy smoking involved, some great nudes and funny slasher touch. We are provided with cool scene transitions filled with marijuana screens, who wouldn’t like them? Plot is blunt, but what can we demand from a modern stoner movie, which has been made for pure fun? We do not really watch these pictures for cinematographic enlightenment, do we.

Film kicks off when a young nerd named Alister responds to a student-rent-a-flat ad finding three dudes, who do not really keep their nose in the books much preferring to spend 24/7 smoking sweet Mary! There’s a drop-out baseball player, surfer and a paranoid video games lover, who at first pick on the wimpy attitude of a new flatmate, but when ice is finally crushed they get by quite well… especially when a new player arrives at the scene – The Bong! A genuine 60’s item found through the "High Times" ad coming with a scary message, it’s evil, haunted and possessed, so beware young tokers!

As boys find the bong pretty much a religious artifact and they keep smoking from the mysterious tool, things start to happen and they’re being dragged into a dangerous game, mastered by The Sinister One – their souls one by one are sucked into the outside world, a pole-dancing club, ruled by the vicious Bong (a female character by the way). They still need to overcome a minor problem, when one of the boy’s grandpa pays a social call while guys are convinced their surfer flatmate is dead trying to hide his body ASAP.

As the bong drops the net of evil, even party with chicks gets a bit desolated and becomes a two couples play. When all characters eventually pass out and only Alister stays in this world, door suddenly opens and right there comes a hero to save them all – Jimbo (Tommy Chong), an old hippie, who's been bong’s owner for many years and knows it’s satanic powers too well. It’s definitely the best part of the movie as we have some unforgettable lines, very precious for Cheech & Chong movies’ followers. They are in fact the best crumbles we get here!

Jimbo lifts the action explaining to slightly stoned Alister that there’s a powerful voodoo curse on the bong, hands him "vitamins" and promises to help get the guys back. He pulls out a hammer trying to crush the bong into pieces, but in the same times he has to figh the urge to have a toke. The evil one quickly kicks it up a notch releasing a heavy cloud of BC Bud. Jimbo fights the buzz as he’s been building heavy tolearance for many years, but finally drops stoned. As he’s transferred into an outer world club, he smuggles a bomb on him, which is used to destroy the bong-daemon in finale. Everybody comes back to life and even Alister manages to get laid.

As you might expect, it’s not a particularly good story… but it’s not too bad either. Apparently, nothing's gonna beat classic Cheech & Chong's movies, but some chaps still need to smoke and watch trashy pictures, cause they're addicted. If you do not smoke, don't even try to dig it! Stoners exclusively!