Friday, 27 January 2012

Motorpsycho! (1965)

Now, that’s what I call a proper savage movie! "Motorpsycho!" takes you for a ride with three biker brutes and great looking girls, which show off their big boobs and long legs. This amazing black and white picture has been shot in 1965, but lost nothing due to it’s age and today presents itself as fresh as it’s been back then. Amazing photography, original screenplay and vigorous acting are gonna work, if you’re a fan of Meyer’s talent for picturing eroticism and violence. Otherwise, watch it for pure curiosity!

You have to notice this was a first 60’s biker movie, before even Fonda and Corman got together to make "The Wild Angels" – it didn’t make such a financial blast, but made some money anyway and above all it was a much better movie – so keep your cool up and discover. In the realm of pure exploitation form, this is a real sweet pie, against which not many flicks might stand up. This is mainly due to a great cinematic talent of Russ Meyer, who did a brilliant job here taking each shot by himself, working with a camera in a way, which sets us right there in the middle of the action. Hallelujah!

Intrigue is quite simple, but the action is significant here, fueled by great instrumental garage soundtrack (one of the first cases when this gritty 60’s style was used in a movie), which will make crate diggers scream. Somewhere around the desert in Southern California three biker thugs are going on a rampage of sex and violence, raping all the big-breasted women they meet and they get to pick on some really cool kittens (well, Meyer had a talent for casting great-looking actresses). There’s a marksman, an Italian rocker and a nutjob listening all the time to his little radio and sometimes calling his mom.

Soon their sheer lust for pleasure is getting out of control and they switch from rape and mutilation to killing their prey! When they rape a pretty girlfriend of a local vet (obviously pissing him off), he goes after them immediately! But savage instincts are on the loose now and only due to helping one of the fresh victims – awesome busty chick – our hero is able to put an end to this bloodshed. She’ll save him from everything even offering her own body to the brutes, when it gets down to it! Great scene of sucking the blood from a snake bite is priceless. This is a hell of an exploitation picture and definitely one of the best biker movies made in the 60’s, so all you grindhouse and drive-in freaks will have their fun guaranteed!